About Us

The Merrill Team

The team of Neil and Barbara Merrill have spent many years learning to understand horses, and how better to communicate with them. Over the years, Barbara has had much success in the barrel racing pen, not only with wins and titles but producing multiple horses that have gone on to new riders and achieve incredible results.

"Frustration starts where knowledge ends."

The Merrill's success has not only come through Barbara's hard work and talent, but from many years of learning from others, clinics, competitors, old cowboys, and a lifetime of observing many different winning techniques, have all contributed to the understanding and respect the Merrill's have today. Along with their success, has come many struggles and failures. The Merrill's look at failures as learning tools, and use them only to better the future.

"Keep doing what you've been doing and you'll keep getting what you’ve been getting."

Along the way, they saw the need to design or improve many products to better assist the performance of horse and rider, including the Black Widow Groomer arena drag, Merrill Bits, Merrill Saddle Pads, Merrill Saddles and the Merrill clinic format.

"With us, it’s about the horse. Moreover, it’s about communicating with the horse. Any plan, message, or technique will be ineffective if the horse isn’t “getting it”. We demonstrate how the horse learns and help you find the steps to achieve leadership and willingness with your equine partner, it is all about YOU and YOUR program. It is our goal to help you enhance it." - Neil & Barbara

Blackwidow Groomer Arena Drag:  

The Black Widow is a premium ground working implement: that is easy to operate and produces superior footing for your equine training or events. The patent pending design allows the Black Widow Groomer to level the ground without interference from the tractor bouncing over rough terrain. And with enough weight, the machine can rip up hard-packed ground and repack it to your desired footing needs.

Merrill Barrel Racing Bits: 

With over 25 years in the making, Merrill Bits are a product of working with many top trainers and observing many different styles. Understanding the balance, techniques, and tendencies of both horse and rider, the Merrill's have gained a unique perspective on bit function.

Merrill Saddles and Pads: 

Balance for the Rider: How the tree fits the horse and the seat to the rider, as well as the designed swing and travel of the fenders, gives the rider the freedom of balance to letting them be where they want to be. Each saddle weighs approximately 25 lbs.

Three Forks Saddlery and Neil Merrill are now producing the revolutionary Merrill Barrel Pad and Three Forks Roper Pad & Trail Pad. This signature, seamless pads are built with laminated contoured construction for a superb fit. A memory foam top allows the pad to thin out and disperse pressure evenly while the bottom foam layer is a full rebound material to accept shock at every stride.

MerrillTrun Clinic Format:  

We work with you to explain the connection between catching, ground work, saddle skills and free moving barrel pattern. Through these tasks, we identify good timing. With two instructors and three days, everyone gets time for individual questions and concerns.